Monday, November 11, 2019
                By Sonja Gurris

              In the misuse of Bergisch-Gladbach so far seven suspects are arrested. But the police fear that due to the high number of child pornography images that the abuse goes even further – and there could be more victims and perpetrators. That puts the investigators under time pressure.
              Once again, a major case of sexual violence against children shakes North Rhine-Westphalia. How many minors are still abused and how many perpetrators have not yet been discovered? This question drives the investigators in the misuse of Bergisch-Gladbach. To date, seven men have been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. But there are probably many more culprits involved than previously known. Also the final extent of the deeds is completely unclear. It could still be children in an abuse situation. According to a report in the "Westdeutsche Zeitung", the perpetrators of the now-inflicted child pornography are said to come from a stable social environment. According to the Cologne police, 150 investigators are currently working on the case. It is to be expected that the investigations will spread to other federal states, possibly even abroad. The Federal Criminal Police Office and the State Criminal Police Office are currently voting on how to proceed. The seized data are currently evaluated centrally in the state criminal police in Dusseldorf. The pressure to investigate is high, because time is running out and the authorities want to prevent even more suffering. But the police and IT specialists need to analyze all child pornography files as quickly as possible. According to previous findings, the victims are supposed to be children between the ages of one and eleven, they are mostly children and stepchildren of the suspects. The current child abuse case was uncovered at the end of October in North Rhine-Westphalia, when a police check-in of a 42-year-old family father revealed large amounts of child pornography material. According to media reports, the data should be ten terabytes in size. A further evaluation of his smartphone had led the police to the other suspects, who were arrested one by one. Here are the investigations noch.Bei the investigations into the new cases of abuse in North Rhine-Westphalia, according to a report authorities have also made mistakes. The police have the prosecutor Kleve already on 10 June files handed over a suspected perpetrator in the greater Wesel area, reported the "Rheinische Post" last Friday. The man was only arrested on 25 October. Image material exchanged in chat groups Only a few months after the abuse scandal at Lügde's campsite, it is once again a case that reveals the far-reaching connections between perpetrators who offer each other their victims and spread the child pornography among themselves. There is "very clear evidence" on "that at least two of the accused men have their own children fed each other," said the Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer the "mirror". The perpetrator circle lies so far in North Rhine-Westphalia, only one of the arrested comes from the area Wiesbaden. According to the police, footage of the child abuse but in chat groups with up to 1800 members have been exchanged. In the previous case Lügde huge amounts of child pornography were found, a total of 23 victims were abused and filmed at the campsite "Eichwald". Meanwhile, the perpetrators have been convicted. The case and the difficult investigation work has already led to consequences in North Rhine-Westphalia: The complete investigation work should be changed. North Rhine-Westphalia set up a department for child pornography in 2019 in order to better and more effectively tackle child abuse and the distribution of pornographic material by minors. The data analysis takes a long time, especially for a large number of images and films. More investigators now sift through the entire material to specifically target more victims. In addition, the State Criminal Police Office is equipped with another 26 specialists in the area of ​​abuse and child pornography.


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