Monday, November 11, 2019

              In the presidency of the CDU, the agreement on the basic pension is still unanimous. In the larger board, however, three members refuse their approval. But there is also criticism of the attitude of the Junge Union
              The CDU board has approved the basic pension compromise of the coalition spokesmen with three votes against. According to information of the German press agency from participant circles voted the boss of the middle class and economic union, Carsten Linnemann, the chairman of the young union, Tilman Kuban, as well as the Baden-Wuerttemberg member of parliament Olav Gutting against the compromise. The CDU presidium, the closest leadership to party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, had agreed unanimously to the agreement of the coalition leaders from the previous Sunday. With the basic pension compromise of the coalition tops pensioners are to receive a supplement from 2021, which have 35 contribution years and whose contributions are under 80 per cent, but over 30 per cent of the average income lies. A comprehensive income test is planned. Former CDU General Secretary Hermann Gröhe, meanwhile, called on the next generation of the Union to discuss the compromise on moderation. Young people, who would normally be on the sunny side of life, are a scolding poor people to face bad, criticized Grohe in the CDU party executive, as dpa further learned from participant circles. The talk of "villas" and of the "Mercedes in the garage" is disgusting with regard to low-income pensioners. Gröhe himself was chairman of the JU from 1989 to 1994. "Above all unbureaucratic" The chairman of the Women's Union, Annette Widmann-Mauz, and the North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Herbert Reul also campaigned for the compromise as the CDU European politician Elmar Brok. Reul was quoted as saying, cheap quarrels and bullshitting harmed the CDU. At the party congress in Leipzig in two weeks must then also be talked about those "who stalk and disturb the whole time". Brok said that he saw in the compromise a lot of Christian Democratic. Already before had North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet in the n-tv early start called the basic pension as a good compromise. "It has always been clear that only those who are really in need of a basic pension should receive it," he said. The need is examined, although "not as comprehensive as some would have imagined". But it is a "good solution that is above all unbureaucratic". A solution "that would have created a huge bureaucracy would have been wrong," he said. He also pointed out that the compromise contained "some stimulus for the economy".


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