Wednesday, November 27, 2019

              The capital gets an ex-world champion as coach. Jürgen Klinsmann replaces the luckless Ante Covic as Hertha coach. The former coach wants to build something in Berlin and understands his involvement with the Old Lady as long-term. Now it should go up step by step.
              With the spectacular commitment of Jürgen Klinsmann Hertha BSC wants to prevent a total crash such as 2010 and 2012. Three days after the blatant 0: 4 defeat at FC Augsburg ended Hertha manager Michael Preetz the failed experiment with the Bundesliga freshman Ante Covic on the bench and made with the involvement of Klinsmann for a strong aha effect. "Things in football sometimes happen overnight," says Klinsmann at his performance in Berlin. "But as a boy I was already in the curve with a blue and white flag in my first Bundesliga match because my father was a Hertha fan." Klinsmann continued: "Yesterday came the long conversation asking if I could step in. It's an honor to help Berlin is waiting for something big, many say: Berlin is a sleeping giant." The commitment to Hertha he enters with a lot of "pleasure and joy" and he wanted to "climb up as fast as possible." It would be easy to "boring" "It is not an easy task, but if I take on something like that, I do that not half, but one hundred percent Even if everything happens overnight, I'm prepared, "Klinsmann said about his now running until the end of the season commitment. "It will not be easy, but that would be boring." For the new coach count only victories and nothing else. "Every coach has an ideal idea of ​​how he would like to play football," says Klinsmann. "But in the current situation, we do not want to play the most exciting or attractive football – we need points first." Preetz kindly thanked Covic at the press conference, but said there was a need for action based on recent results and developments , Five months ago, the Herthaers were still proud to start their own way in Berlin. After fan favorite Pal Dardai, the 44-year-old German Croat Covic from the youth department was allowed to take over the professional team. "We said from the beginning that we wanted a coach to protect the Hertha DNA, and Ante Covic understands that DNA more than any other candidate," Preetz said on May 12, after a 4-3 away win at Berlin FC Augsburg – said. Five months later, he has to classify as a mistake. New system orientation Covic wanted to breathe the defensive style of his Hungarian predecessor more pep and offensive. A new face could not give the former offensive player of the team. Only three wins, but but 25 goals in twelve league games spoke against the Bundesliga freshman Covic. Most recently, he had moved from his original mitigation plans – to no avail. Four lost league games let Preetz act now, not to have to experience the third descent of his term after 2010 and 2012. "The sporty is problematic, there we do not need to talk about it," said Klinsmann, in his comeback ten years after the coach -At Bayern Munich on Saturday (15.30 clock / Sky and Liveticker on meets at home match on Borussia Dortmund. "A small chunk" is the BVB, said Klinsmann, who trained on Wednesday afternoon for the first time with his team.Mit Klinsmann, who started in 2004 as team manager of the national team with the motto "not to let one stone on the other", gets the complete Hertha System a new direction. With Alexander Nouri and Markus Feldhoff as assistant and Andreas Köpke as goalkeeping coach and Arne Friedrich as team manager (Klinsmann calls him new German "performance manager") conjured up the new Hertha coach just as surprising personalities from the hat as when he took office as Germany coach. "We have a functional team that will be able to take things into their own hands to get points as quickly as possible," said Klinsmann. Will Klinsmann turn the tables? However, the installation also shows the gained power of the new investor Lars Windhorst, who had taken over 49.9 percent of the shares of Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGaA for 224 million euros. Windhorst wants on the way to a "Big City Club" in Europe apparently faster results than officially communicated. Hertha is in eleventh place after twelve matchdays in 15th place, tied with the 16th Fortuna Dusseldorf. The investor became active for the first time with Klinsmann's appointment to the supervisory board as "authorized representative of Tennor Holding" by financier Windhorst. That at Hertha now a confidant of the bustling financial manager will sit on the bench, can be seen as a further push. A descent would counteract Windhorst's plans. "Ultimately, with regard to development and recent results, we felt there was need for action and we regret this development," Preetz said of the change of coach. "There is a risk with every new coach, which was no different at Pal, but we at Hertha BSC are ready to take some risk," Preetz said in May. With Klinsmann now a quick turnaround should succeed. However, 55-year-old Schwabe does not offer a guarantee either. As head coach of FC Bayern München 2008/09 he had failed before the end of the season. The plan is that Klinsmann slips after the season back into his position on the board. But that does not seem clear, maybe he'll keep his coaching job if he does his job well. "Due to my quick entry into the past few weeks my role is still in the definition, we were still in exchange when I changed my role again," said the new Hertha coach. "It's planned to do this job by May 2020. So Michael has time to develop a plan."


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